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To ensure success for your Casper™ project, please review the 4 steps below.

1: Validate

Validating Monitors For Compatibility with Casper™

To ensure that a monitor works properly with Casper™ and to determine the correct installation orientation of the film, use the following validation process:

1. Be sure to test the monitor with some of type of image or data being shown.

2. Always test Casper™ while standing in the room with the monitor to be cloaked with nothing between the monitor and the Casper™ sample.

3. While standing in front of the monitor to be cloaked, hold a Casper™ sample vertically and view the monitor.

2: Consider

Viewing Angles

Casper™ is most effective when viewing a display that is parallel to the glass where the technology is installed. Casper™ should appear completely opaque when viewed from directly in front of the display and the display is at eye level. To an observer moving past the conference room at an acute angle or viewing a display at table level, Casper™ will appear less opaque. This light leakage may make displays partially visible while still providing confidentiality.

To determine if this will be an issue for your application, position a sample at several locations – centered, far left, and far right – in the room to demonstrate the degree of opaqueness/confidentiality that Casper™ will provide at different positions. The worst case scenarios are when the viewer is very close to the glass and viewing at an extreme angle. The addition of Casper™ Graphic Film can help alleviate this issue.

Is Your Display Compatible? Request a Free Sample.

Click the button to request a sample of Casper™ Cloaking Technology. Once this is achieved, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that Casper™ can be installed in your environment.

3: Plan

Planning Your Project

Once you’ve determined that Casper™ works with your technology, you can use the following guidelines to estimate how much material you’ll need depending on how your choose to install the film.

This tool is intended to help you calculate a rough quantity of material required for your project. Always confirm direction of install and total linear feet required with your installer based on site conditions. This guide assumes a VERTICAL installation of the film. To plan using a non-standard, horizontal installation, please get in touch.

To roughly determine the number of linear metres your project will require, first determine if you plan a floor to ceiling coverage or a specific height band.

Now count the numbers of panels* of glass you wish to cover and multiply by the height of the Casper™. *For panels wider than 1.42m, count as 2

Height of Casper™ in metres x Number of glass panes wider than 1.22m = Total linear metre of 1.42m Casper™

Height of Casper™ in metres x Number of glass panes narrower than 1.22m = Total linear metre of 1.22m Casper™

An allowance of 20% must be added to cover waste.

4: Estimate

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