What is Casper™?

An LED Cloaking Technology for glass walls that obscures content on
LED/OLED screens from outside view.



How Does Casper™ Work?

Why Casper™?

  • The ORIGINAL Cloaking Film for Glass Walls.


  • Quality GUARANTEED with the Casper™ 5 year performance warranty.


  • Casper™ ACD network ensuring EXPERT INSTALLATION and guaranteeing your warranty.

Where Can I Use Casper™?

The possibilities for Casper™ Cloaking Technology are endless. It’s hard to imagine a working environment that does not take advantage of an LED/OLED display.
Discover how Casper™ can change the way you handle data privacy.

Casper is used in Financial Services

Casper – fact checked

How much does data cost your business?

Next Steps...

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Order a Sample

Check that your screen technology works with Casper™ Cloaking Technology by requesting a free A5 Casper™ Sample. Once this is achieved, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that Casper™ can be installed in your environment. We now offer larger A3 Casper Samples available for purchase. Click the button on the right to order a sample.

Casper™ Sample Request

Arrange a Visit

One of our sales team will come down to your business and walk you through the next steps. This will include checking that your screen technology works with Casper™, taking measurements and providing a quotation. Click the button on the right to arrange a visit.

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Find Your Local Casper™ ACD

Our network of ACDs (Approved Casper Dealers) are strategically placed throughout the EMEA to offer validation, quotation and installation services to you. Click the button on the right to locate your nearest Casper ACD.