What is Casper™?

An LED Cloaking Technology for glass walls that obscures content on
LED/OLED screens from outside view.



How Does Casper™ Work?

Why Casper™?

  • The ORIGINAL Cloaking Film for Glass Walls.


  • Quality GUARANTEED with the Casper™ 5 year performance warranty.


  • Casper™ ACD network ensuring EXPERT INSTALLATION and guaranteeing your warranty.

Where Can I Use Casper™?

The possibilities for Casper™ Cloaking Technology are endless. It’s hard to imagine a working environment that does not take advantage of an LED/OLED display.
Discover how Casper™ can change the way you handle data privacy.

Casper is used in Financial Services

Casper – fact checked

How much does data cost your business?

Next Steps...

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